Steve Irwin Horoscope

The world is mourning the loss of one of life’s unique characters, Steve (crocodile) Irwin, who died suddenly whilst filming an underwater documentary on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

Irwin, a larger than life character was killed when a stingray barb pierced his chest around 11am on Monday 4th September, 2006. He was filming a segment for his daughter, Bindi’s new Television show due to go to air next year.

Born on the 22nd February, 1962 in Melbourne Victoria, Steve Irwin comes under the Sun sign of Pisces, a fairly easy going sign, which asks for little more than a happy, fun-filled existence. However, that is where the sign of Pisces ends and the unusual, eccentric, humanitarian, colourful sign of Aquarius begins.

In Steve Irwin’s horoscope, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all in this sign. The Aquarian’s primary mission here on this earth is to improve the world for all, and is emblemized by their symbol – the Water-bearer spilling out to humans a life force with such incredible energy. Without a time of birth the Moon in Erwin’s chart is possibly in the sign of Libra, and certainly he has that blonde look and easy going nature of the Libran.

Whatever the Libran’s mission in life, they seem to have this consecrated and devotional attitude. The combination in ones horoscope of Pisces, Libra and Aquarius appeals to the emotions rather than the intellect and is strongly sensuous with a touch of idealistic glamour. Here is one of the few personalities in the world who is at their best when undisciplined and given free range for creative expression. Steve Irwin gave all the creativity in his horoscope full expression, which is something most of us never get a chance to. He was one amazing human being, who had the ability to let go internally so that the power within, was able to flow of its own volition, hence the crazy, over-the-top nature, of his huge appeal.

From his first television broadcast in 1992, this ocker, true-blue Australian, devoted to wildlife conservation burst through our screens and has grown into a global icon. The Aquarian part of his nature, delighted in the excitement of the unusual, bizarre and the unexpected and provided Australia and the rest of the world with colour, movement, action, vibrancy and an enthusiasm, the like we have never seen before. Caroline Myss, in the introduction to her book, “Sacred Contracts,” has this to say about people who are aware of their mission on earth: “We all want to know why we are here.

What is our mission in life? Those people who know it are easy to spot: their lives shine with meaning. Their perception of life’s purpose gives them the strength to live through the rough times, as well as to enjoy the good.” Steve Irwin was one of those people who knew what his mission was here on this earth. One could say, “He came, he saw and he conquered.”

He was on an accelerated learning path and we all had to share in that journey. On of the things about Cosmobiology, is that it is a high octane learning tool, and in a very profound way we can take off that mask, lift the disguise, on who we are, and why we are here. Like Steve Irwin, Cosmobiologists, are on an accelerated learning path which speeds up time and space.

It is handy to know this, as sometimes we are not ready for such an insight and this may not be the system for you. It is like having a face life on our learning ability. So; just how does this great magnetism, this personal power show up? After delineating the natal chart, i.e. going through the signs and planets in a horoscope, we look at the patterns made on the 90 degree dial.

Patterns are important as they add to the story of one’s life. Steve Irwin had Venus, planet of love and beauty to his natal Pluto and this indicates powerful energies at work. It intensified his emotional expression with extraordinary force and vigour. There was nothing superficial about him.

His passion, his love for his family and the animal kingdom was there for all to see. Totally in love with the world, Erwin was filled with such wild and wonderful fantasies that he was just itching to bring to life and this he did through his nature documentaries. Steve Irwin took risks and he lived life in the moment. Unfortunately for his legion of fans, time merged into eternity as he went about his business of living dangerously.

We were never left in doubt that his was a perilous world where he flaunted life. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” For Steve, his hands were part and parcel of the deal. He made an art form of dangling things in front of crocodiles and holding even the most dangerous of creatures in the palm of his hand.

And, like the Pied Piper, people flocked to see him. Midpoints are another powerful tool in Cosmobiolgy. Special attention is given by Ebertin to any planet or sensitive point which falls on the midpoint between two others. The interpretation is then based on the inherent nature of the planets and the sensitive points. On the day Erwin died, there were three major patterns in the heavens.

The transiting Node was making a powerful midpoint, to Mars/Pluto, an extremely dangerous pattern, and this in turn linked across the dial to the Mars/Saturn midpoint of his chart. In Ebertin’s book, “The combination of Stellar Influences” we see that the Mars/Saturn is often associated with cases of death and the Mars/Node/Pluto is a violent or forceful separation of a partnership or union.

As well, on the 4th September, 2006 the transiting Sun was forming an opposition to Uranus, indicating sudden and unexpected developments and Saturn was square Neptune, implying a sad and mournful time.

Unfortunately for Irwin, this was not a good day for toying with death. So; for now, the fever of life is over and his world is hushed. Steve’s father, Bob Irwin turned down the Queensland State Government’s offer of a state funeral as he said his son was just an ordinary bloke and that is how he would wish to be remembered.

However, for most of us he will be remembered as an ordinary bloke doing an extraordinary job. Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, animal lover extraordinaire, may he rest in peace.

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Steve Irwin Horoscope

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Steve Irwin Horoscope