Supermodel Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault

On Friday 31st March, 2006, Naomi Campbell landed herself in hot water once again. Born on 22 May 1970, in London England, she is a Gemini with the Moon in Sagittarius.

We do not have a time of birth so we cast a noon chart. Whilst these qualities can make a person very popular and want to hold centre stage they can also give a vivid imagination. The personality can be a contrast of contradictions.

Campbell has been quoted as saying, “she works hard and has earned every cent she has made.” This would be true, as Mercury (communication) and Saturn (frustrations) in her natal chart is not always an easy aspect.

On the positive side this aspect does give success through hard work, but there would also be times when frustration could set in, then one may tend to become self willed and obstinate.

In the Aries Ingress the Saturn/Mercury pattern is triggered off by Venus (love and harmony) so there could be a tendency to feel lonely and unwanted. If one feels neglected, then any little annoyance could blow up out of all proportion. According to the newspaper Campbell allegedly threw a mobile phone, injuring her housekeeper, because she could not find the jeans she wanted to wear.

Ingress Moon’s Node (the public) to the natal Uranus sometimes indicates that a person’s nerves are on edge, and it also could indicate the possibility of sudden upsets in life leading to spur of the moment action. Super model status shows up in the natal chart through Mars (energy) to the Planet Pluto (invisible forces of power) which is the demonstration of extraordinary energy and thereby achievement of success. It is a bit like a car running on high octane fuel when the rest of us run on normal.

Pluto energy is extremely powerful. It has been described by Robert Hand, in his book, “Life Cycles For Living,” as having a nature similar to that of Hindu god Shiva, the creator and destroyer. So; in the natal chart when placed next to Mars it is very powerful indeed.

One needs to be able to channel this type of energy into a positive stream, otherwise serious power struggles will emerge. Mars, is the energy planet. Specifically it rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain him or herself in the force of pressure from the environment. Here in Campbell’s horoscope Mars is in the sign of Gemini.

People with this aspect can be full of inspirational ideas but also be blunt and bruising with their words when it suits them. With good balance in the chart they can be excellent communicators but without that balance a person can become restless and discontented. Then they would take their frustrations out on those around them. Campbell is reputed to have a quick temper and so this could explain why, when under influences that have the possibility for a negative outcome, one does things in haste.

Other celebrities with the Mars/Pluto aspect in their natal horoscope, giving this same high octane aspect are, Oprah, and what a power lady she is, and the Australian cricketer Shane Warne who has also had his share of public attention. According to the solar arc, which gives astrologer’s a pattern for the year ahead, Campbell has a certain amount of luck this year, but whether or not she has enough to see her through this misdemeanour remains to be seen.

Naomi Campbell was remanded to appear in court at the end of June so getting closer to the next ingress we will calculate another chart and see if we can predict an outcome. In the mean time she has got a lot of time for serious thinking. With Mercury/Saturn in the natal chart Campbell has got a lot of time for serious thinking and could already be feeling extremely remorseful and embarassed.

Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault – 90 Degree Chart

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault

Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault – Natal Chart

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault