Doris Greaves

When will the Royal Baby arrive?

When will the Royal Baby arrive? I have selected the first date as 22nd July around 8.40 pm British Summer time, as both the Sun and the Moon are on this degree.

Croatia Jewell in the Adriatic Crown (Part two)

Croatia to me is the new found, “heaven on earth,” and slowly but surely, the world is starting to catch on. In 1996, it was ranked 18th most popular tourist destination in the world with over 10 million tourists visiting the country. It is now rapidly becoming number one.

Melbourne Cup 2006 Horoscope

Every year, around 3.00 pm on the first Tuesday in November, here in Melbourne, we run the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race. It is a race that stops a nation and over the past few years it has steadily gained momentum around the world. It is twenty years, this year, since I got my first paid astrological writing assignment.

Corey Lidle Yankee Pitcher Plane Crash Horoscope

When we turned on CNN’s television news this morning, we awoke to an eerie scene, reminiscent of September 11. A small plane had crashed into a 50 storey residential building in New York’s downtown Manhattan. It was later alleged that plane was registered to New York Yankee baseball player, Corey Lidle and that his passport had been found at the scene of the crash.