Moon in Leo

Sam Newman Horoscope

Melbourne media personality, John (Sammy) Newman, was born on the 22nd December, 1945 in Geelong, an outer suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. On the day he was born the Sun changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Kevin Rudd Horoscope

Born on 21st September, 1957 in Nambour Queensland under the sign of Virgo, Kevin Rudd has the Moon in the sign of Leo which adds a little bit of sparkle to a somewhat conservative personality.

Paris Hilton Horoscope

Born on February 17th 1981 at 3.00 am in New York City, New York, to parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Paris is every inch an Aquarian. Words like unpredictable, eccentric, progressive, aloof, rebellious, are just a few of the descriptions that sum up the Aquarian traits and she is all of these.

Peter Brock Horoscope Death Pattern

Australia is morning the loss of yet another legendary figure - this time in the motor racing world. Peter Brock died when his car, a Daytona coupe, missed a tight bend and hit a tree in the Targa West Rally in Western Australia at around 11.50 am, on Friday 8th September, 2006.

Paul McCartney Horoscope

Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on June, 18, 1942 at 2.00 pm which makes him a native of the Sun sign, Gemini. On the day he was born the Moon was in the sign of Leo which is a delightful combination, demanding and deserving of respect.

Katie Holmes Horoscope

Katie Holmes was plucked from virtual obscurity and catapulted into the spotlight when her path crossed with that of Tom Cruise not so long ago. Born on 18 December, 1978, broad minded, imaginative and creative, Katie is typical of her Sagittarian Sun sign.