Teri Hatcher Horoscope

Teri Hatcher, star of the TV series “Desperate Housewives,” recently revealed her own deep, dark secret that she has harboured since she was a child. In a way, this is ironic, as the television show itself has a darkly comedic take on suburban life, full of secrets.

We take a look at her horoscope to see what is revealed about her tragic past.

Of course, molestation as a child is far from humorous, but the fact that Hatcher has revealed her secret is now of course, media headlines. Teri Hatcher was born in Sunnyvale, California on 8th December, 1964 which makes her a native of the Sun sign Sagittarius, with the Moon in the sign of Aquarius

The Sun’s position in a horoscope determines our outward personality and the Moon our emotions. The combination of Sagittarius and Aquarius, gives an idealistic, romantic and an expressive nature.

It can also make for a very trusting nature. Venus, planet of love and beauty, was in the sign of Scorpio on the day of her birth and this gives a love of sensation and gratitude. These individuals often enjoy flattery, luxury and secrecy.

Sadly, sometimes a predator can use these purely innocent emotions and senses in the young, to control and dominate their victim. In the latest Australian edtion of, “New Idea,” Teri describes her idyllic childhood as being shattered when she was sexually molested by her Uncle, for several years, starting from the age of five.

Mars, planet of energetic expression, in the sign of Virgo prevented her from having the physical courage as a youngster to come to terms with what was happening. People with Mars in Virgo often lack spontaneous emotional response, making it difficult to express their feelings, which can stifle their development, therefore putting on a mask of indifference.

However, behind the mask often lies a person with enormous honour and idealism. Drawing from the strength of her sun sign Sagittarius, she was able to overcome her victim archetype and use her independent and courageous personality in a positive way through acting. Sex appeal can either be a curse or a blessing and Hatcher was cleverly able to use the intense sex appeal of Venus in Scorpio through the lens of the camera.

The sad thing about sexual molestation is that often parents choose not see what is going on thus not having to confront a serious situation, much to the detriment of their children’s emotions later in life. The amazing thing about Teri Hatcher is that despite her ordeal she has become extremely successful in her own right and this is revealed in the powerful planetary placement of the Sun, (ego) Pluto, (force majeure) Mars, (energy) Uranus, (change) and Chiron, (the wounded healer) all together in a tight orb on the 90 degree Cosmo Astrology wheel.

Her acting prowess shows up through Venus, (attraction) Jupiter, (luck) and Neptune, (receptivity) also together in unison. Teri Hatcher has been married twice and has a daughter, Emerson Rose, to her second husband Jon Tenney.

She says she still struggles with relationships because of her past but Mercury, planet of intellect and logical thought is well placed in the sign of Capricorn which means that now this is all out in the open she will be able to heal the wounds and move on. Astrology can be a useful tool to look in the mirror and see ourselves, warts and all.

Some experience we can avoid and others are meant to be. Once we get to understand ourselves, we then begin to realize that we are but mere players, on the stage of human life. We can choose to accept these experiences as positive or negative, thus making us stronger or taking us down the depths of despair. Meanwhile, with her youthful, energetic, and highly spirited nature Teri Hatcher will continue to explore the dynamics of human relationships both in and out of bed and, on and off the screen.

Teri Hatcher Horoscope – Traditional Natal Horoscope and 90 Degree Dial

Teri Hatcher Horoscope