Tiger Woods Father Dies

Champion golfer, Tiger Woods lost his best friend and buddy father Earl Woods to cancer on May 3rd 2006. Born on 30th December, 1975, in California, USA, Tiger’s horoscope shows all the sign of success.

With the Sun (personality) in the sign of Capricorn, the Moon (emotions) in the sign of Sagittarius and Mars (energy) in the sign of Gemini, it is a powerful combination that could be described as, “hitting the heights” or the driving force behind his enormous success.

His father was born on 5th March, 1932 in Manhattan Kansas and became an orphan at the age of thirteen. Earl was then raised by his sister and attended the Kansas State University on a baseball scholarship. He served two full tours of duty in Vietnam where he met his second wife Kultida, Tiger’s mother. With the Sun and Mars in Pisces, Earl’s horoscope shows a strong desire to serve others so no surprise that he nurtured and encouraged his son’s talent from an early age. This is also a very intuitive combination and as the story goes, when Tiger was born, he said he just knew he was special. Earl had the Moon, which rules our responses and sensitivity to the environment, in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.

Pardon the pun, but it was, “Par for the course” that he took on the role of chairman of his son’s charitable foundation, “the Tiger woods Foundation.” Moon in Aquarius also gives a magnetic charm and genuine warmth to the personality. Tiger on the other hand with the Sun in Capricorn would tend to be a bit reserved.

Tiger has Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication also in the sign of Capricorn, again highlighting the reserved nature. Whilst this does give clear and methodical thinking, it also gives the mental attributes of the proverbial strong and silent type. We now look at the Aries Ingress for this period, (22/3/2006 to 22/6/2006. We put the natal chart and the Ingress chart together (when you click on chart, the Ingress is always on the outside and the natal on the inside) We look to see which of the planets of one chart, connect to the planets of the other. Then we are able to get some clues as to what lies ahead for the next three months.

The first thing that I noticed was that both Tiger and his father have Saturn, planet of discipline and restraint on the same degree in the fixed signs but in different signs. (Earl’s is in the sign of Aquarius and Tiger in Leo.) Even though the signs are different this shows the incredible bond and closeness between father and son and is very karmic. It also tells us as astrologer, that Tiger was having a Saturn return as the transiting Saturn is also very close to his natal Saturn in the sign of Leo.

This major event in our lives happens around 28 years life as Saturn completes its first cycle through all signs of the zodiac. My father also died on my Saturn return around the same age. The possibility of the father’s death in this quarter, shows up because we see that the Ingress Mars (outside dial with pointer) is across the dial to the natal Saturn of both Earl’s and Tiger’s natal horoscope. The Mars aspect to Tiger’s natal Saturn is semi-square (45 degrees apart) and the Mars aspect to Earls natal Saturn is a Sesqui-quadrate. (135 degrees apart) Both of these aspects are hard to see in the traditional method of astrology but on the 90 degree dial they are clearly visible.

To interpret this connection we use the book, “Combination of Stellar Influences” by Reinhold Ebertin. Possible manifestations of this particular pattern are, “tests of Strength, separation, illness and cases of death.” Cosmobiology shows the mid-point system which is also a very valuable tool for predicting life’s events.

The Ingress Mars aspect, makes different patterns in these two charts. In Earls we have the Mars mid-point to Jupiter/Pluto which is sometimes the loss of ones standing and fortune as in the case of death and with Tiger the Ingress Mars makes a mid-point to Pluto/Node and this would be interpreted as a tragic destiny shared with others. So; we say farewell a great man, Earl Woods, whose compassion and desire to serve humanity has nurtured and shaped one of the greatest golfers of all time.

His enthusiasm and determination will be missed by not only his wife and son but by all those who had the privilege in coming in contact with him. “When our work is done, ’tis best, I am weary, let me rest.” Adam Lindsay Gordon

Tiger Woods Traditional Horoscope and 90 Degree Dial

Tiger Woods Father Dies

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Tiger Woods Father Dies

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Tiger Woods Father Dies

Earl Woods Aries Ingress

Tiger Woods Father Dies