Tiger Woods PGA Championship Winner Horoscope

Last weekend, golfer Tiger Woods left his critics in no doubt that he was, “golfer extraordinaire,” as he devoured the opposition in the PGA Championship at Medinah Country Club, Illinois, winning by five shots. Over the past few years, Woods career has been punctuated by highs and lows but still he managed to keep in the top echelon of the golfing elite.

Devastated by the death of his father from cancer back in May, he took a nine week break from the PGA tour (See previous article). Now it seems he has lifted his game another notch, winning not one but two major championships in the past few weeks. Considered one of the greatest golfers of all time, Woods was born on the 30th December, 1975 in California, under the Sun sign of Capricorn, with the Moon, (emotions) in Sagittarius.

This Sun/Moon Combination is one of the strongest and most ambitious signs of the zodiac giving independence of personality, action, thought and expression and could be the keynote to his success.

He has Mercury, planet of communication, also in the sign of Capricorn which gives him the attributes of the strong and silent type. Mercury in this sign also strengthens the personality and gives the sort of mentality that enables a person to persevere to the top of any trade or profession. In other words he is mentally tough and it has been said that he is robotic and almost machine-like during a tournament. In all his major victories he has had the outright lead or a share of it after the third round and this tournament was no acceptation. He came out flying from the word go. In fact, during this major PGA tournament he made only three bogeys in 72 holes, which is amazing to say the least. Another component to the horoscope which is extremely helpful is Jupiter; planet of luck and fortune in the sign of Aries and this gives an enormous capacity for energetic action. This is also the sign of leadership. Woods loves to set the pace and set a cracking pace he did.

He also wears a shirt in the various shades of red on the last day of the tournament as he believes that red symbolises aggression and tension, but as astrologers, we know that red is also the symbolic colour for the sign of Aries, which maybe, is not just a coincidence.

Tiger Woods is considered very young to have the golfing world at his feet and sometimes success goes to ones head. However, despite his success they say he is very easy to get along with off the golf course. In racing parlance they say, “ain’t luck a fortune” and it is always helpful on the day of any big event to have the stars shinning in ones favour. Last weekend the transiting Mars, ruler of sports and tournaments was making a strong aspect to the natal Mars in Woods horoscope.

The natal Mars forms a midpoint structure in his chart to Sun/Venus and Jupiter/Moon’s Node which highlights his popularity and talent, so the energy of transiting Mars to natal Mars was electric. The transiting Sun was making a very nice aspect to Venus, which also showed the popularity of his win. Having lost his father on his first Saturn return, which is often the first major upheaval in one’s life, he has emerged rather quickly from, “the dark night of the soul.” With the loss of a loved one, you can either, become depressed and hide yourself away, or you can become inspired to do bigger and better things.

Newspaper journalists liken Tiger Wood to the great Jack Nicklaus who won 18 major golfing tournaments in his career. Woods has now won 12 and he is just 30 years of age so they say it is only a matter of sooner, rather than later that he breaks the record. Next year Tiger Woods has some helpful aspects from Jupiter as it transits the lucky sign of Sagittarius but maybe he can also draw inspiration from the great writer, DH Lawrence, when, on the death of his beloved wife he said, “the dead don’t die, they look down and help.”

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Tiger Woods PGA Championship Winner Horoscope

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Tiger Woods PGA Championship Winner Horoscope