Tom Cruise Horoscope

Tom Cruise was born on 3rd July 1962 in Syracuse, New York, which makes him a native of the Sun sign, Cancer with the Moon, probably in Leo as this seems to suit his superstar status.

(On the day he was born the Moon changed signs from Cancer to Leo and as we have no birth time we cast a noon chart as it is halfway through the day.) Home and family are of utmost importance to Cancerians. They are well known for their remarkable patience and the ability to manipulate situations and people for their own gain.

They will do whatever necessary to protect their domestic security. This Sun sign position also gives an independent nature which can be masked by a seemingly good feel for people and a co-operative spirit that can fool even the best of us. People with the Moon in Leo often become successful in life, making good entertainers, but they can get carried away with their own importance.

For this reason Tom Cruise may have trouble with his acting career flowing over into his personal life, forgetting that he is in the real world and not still on centre stage. Cruise can certainly turn on the charm when necessary but perhaps he just subscribes to the old adage, ‘you can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar.’ The Cancer/Leo combination is a very tense and dramatic combination and over the past few years he has certainly shown these sorts of tendencies.

These individuals would also be a master of compromise if used in a positive way, but for people who thrive on control issues, one would appear to understand what the other person is driving at, but in the end, they will always get their own way. On the 90 degree Cosmobiology dial this inclination to control is also picked up by the Saturn/Neptune/Moon’s Node’s aspect, suggesting feelings of inferiority, emotional inhibitions and the methodical execution of plans. This pattern also shows up his well documented childhood problems with learning however, he certainly has his share of good luck and fortune and this is indicated by a very nice Chiron/Jupiter/Pluto aspect in the natal chart. Chiron is to do with healing and whole-making so it is no accident that he has an interest in health issues and the Jupiter/Pluto is just share good luck.

Pluto also rules power, which can have a major impact on success. It is also about big business, acquisitions and a competitive edge. Whilst some people may think that his interest in Scientology is a negative thing, living a life is all about choosing to do the things that make you feel good. Cruise credits Scientology for finally learning to read as an adult, through a learning method developed by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the controversial church.

Since his divorce from Mimi Rogers in 1990 his relationship with women has been well documented. Nicole Kidman, a Gemini, Penelope Cruz, a Taurus and now the young Katie Holmes, a Sagittarian. None of his previous relationship’s were able to, or chose not to, give him a biological child, so will he fare any better in this relationship, as he and Katie baton down the hatches and await the birth of their first child? See the baby prediction article for expected date of baby’s arrival.

Tom Cruise Horoscope – Traditional Natal Chart

Tom Cruise Horoscope