When will the Royal Baby arrive

Doris Greaves, highly respected astrologer and cosmobiologist was quoted as saying, “a baby never enters the world before its time.”

When the date was confirmed as the 13th July 2013, for the baby of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, I immediately said, “well there is nothing royal happening until the 22nd or 23rd July, so she is going to be at least 10 days overdue.”

It was hard for me to see that happening months ago. For a baby to ascend to the throne of England there must be something royal happening and 10 days is a long time overdue.

However; now we are nearing that crucial date it has been let slip that Kate’s mother said the baby would be a Leo, which in itself does have royal connotations but not enough on its own to constitute a royal baby.

We then have to look to the degrees of the zodiac to see where the hereditary factors are in the charts of the royal family. Like the ticking of a clock, we have the Sun moving around the ecliptic going through all signs of the zodiac in one year. The Sun moves approximately one degree everyday, starting a sign as 00–00 and then going to 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds, before it changes to the next sign. Each sign of the zodiac has 30 degrees which represents 30 days and when multiplied by 12 equals 360 degrees of a circle or twelve months of the year.

One of the strongest royal degrees is the 00 point of the fixed signs which are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is easy to see on the Ebertin style chart as all signs are on the same degree.

• Queen Elizabeth has the natal Sun 00 Taurus 12
• Prince Charles has the natal Moon 00 Taurus 26
• Prince William has the natal Jupiter 00 Scorpio 29

Chart 1: Sun 00 Leo and the Moon 00 of Aquarius.
I have selected the first date as 22nd July around 8.40 pm British Summer time, as both the Sun and the Moon are on this degree. However, the baby could be born any time after the full Moon which is at 7.14.41 on that day. Remember, William was born just after an eclipse. Both the eclipse chart and the 8.40 pm chart have the Capricorn Ascendant which is the same as Kate’s Sun sign and the Queen’s Ascendant.

Chart 2: Sun 00 Leo and Moon close to 5 degrees of Aquarius.
The second chart I have cast is for the 23rd July around 1.00 am as the Moon is close to Saturn. Although the sign of Aquarius is not strong in the royal blood line it is the same sign as the Moon in the natal chart of Princess Diana’s. This would be a very karmic chart, especially with the Moon close to Saturn. Also; in Diana’s natal chart we have Jupiter on 5 degrees of Aquarius.

With the Royal family suffering a decline in public opinion over the last few decades since the marriage of Wills and Kate, popularity has never been stronger. Media has been camped outside the hospital since the beginning of the month and so they will be eager for the big day to arrive.

It is not an easy task to predict the date of a child but with the hereditary factors showing up in the charts of the main family member’s, one can certainly narrow down the timing.

If the baby is born with the Sun on 00 degrees of Leo, it would be a square aspect to Prince William’s natal Jupiter indicating that it could be a boy. This aspect would indicate a healthy child, with many opportunities for greatness. It also indicates a person born into a privileged position.

Over the years I have had much success with children being born into our family tree, but as always, in the words of that popular song written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans and sung by Doris Day, back in 1956: “Que Sera Sera – What Ever Will Be Will Be”

Royal Baby Chart 1

When will the Royal Baby arrive

Royal Baby Chart 2

When will the Royal Baby arrive

Royal baby 360 and 90 Degree Chart

When will the Royal Baby arrive