Peter Brock Horoscope

Australia is morning the loss of yet another legendary figure – this time in the motor racing world. Peter Brock died when his car, a Daytona coupe, missed a tight bend and hit a tree in the Targa West Rally in Western Australia at around 11.50 am, on Friday 8th September, 2006.

Life in the fast lane for Peter Brock began when he was born on 26th February, 1945 in Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia. His father was a mechanic and he installed in him the love of cars.

A horoscope is a unique map of our journey through life on earth as we know it. Once versed in an astrological technique, and there are many, the astrologer is in a unique position of being able to understand the complex inner energies of our being.

The Ebertin system, known as Cosmobiology, is not only a wonderful tool to understand our inner being, but it also allows us to get to the crux of the matter at any one given moment. Best described as a diamond, it has so many facets that sparkle and shine and are just waiting to be explored.

Each time I write an article, I try and look at a different facet so the reader can glean another perspective of the principles in action. also try and keep the astrological terms simple so anyone, even people without astrological knowledge can understand what I am saying and find the article of interest.

Peter Brock was born with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in the sign of Leo. Although we do not have a time of birth I have rectified the time to 5.00pm as it gives the Leo Moon a touch of royalty. The interpretation of Fixed Stars in the horoscope can shed much light on the individual’s role in life. For example, Regulus (the lion’s heart) is the fixed star situated on 29 degrees of Leo. A planet or luminary on this degree often denotes royalty or the power to rise above earthly limitations, to the highest levels in whatever area is chosen, in other words, to dominate the scene in any one particular field.

In the archetypal world, “the king” means enlightened and benevolent leadership – benefiting those whose lives you touch. For many years Peter Brock has worn, “the king” archetype very proudly. He has been known as the King of Bathurst winning the acclaimed race no less than nine times, and in 1986 he was crowned “The King of Moomba, ” which is a Melbourne yearly festival.

Delineating the chart we see just what made this man tick? The Pisces/Leo combination gave him great mental abilities. He loved to be loved and had a fine ability to gauge the mood of the public. These are romantic individuals who have no trouble attracting their share of admirers and are usually generous with their time.

He was known to stand for hours signing autographs and chatting to his legion of fans. Venus in his chart was in the sign of Aries, a very energetic placement, which can sometimes make a person aggressive, throwing caution to the wind and this was certainly indicative of his racing style.

There was much more to Peter Brock than just racing. During the 70’s and 80’s when the road toll in Victoria was extremely high he campaigned passionately for road safety. Mars in the sign of Aquarius, bought out the humanitarian in him, wanting to make a difference.

In astrological parlance, the nick name, “perfect” is allocated to someone who has an unusually high degree of planets in the sign of Virgo. Even though the title Peter Perfect was attached to him, he had only the planet Jupiter in that sign.

However, it was a very strong placement and he was one of those people who could be relied upon to carry out important research in areas that are helpful to mankind as a whole. Long before drink-driving education was fashionable, Brock volunteered to use the 05 number plate on his car in an effort to lower the road toll.

Peter also had two powerful patterns on the 90 degree dial. One was the Mars/Pluto giving strength and determination to get what one wants out of life and the other was Sun/Uranus which tells us that aggression is well aligned with his cause. Combining these two patterns one can see that he had ruthless courage, drawing on his vast sources of spiritual energy to sustain him through his driving career.

Any wonder he could not retire. If we look at the quad dial we see that at age 61 that this powerful Mars/Pluto was being triggered by the Solar Arc Sun/Uranus. In turn, this linked to the Natal Jupiter and the transiting Pluto. Ebertin’s book, Combination of Stellar Influences tells us that the possible manifestation of this particular pattern are injury, accident, violent measures, an upset or shock caused through the intervention of Higher Power.

And of course he was extremely vulnerable during this quarter as the Ingress Moon/Chiron/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars was to this degree. Mars/Saturn and Jupiter are often evident in cases of death. Over the past twelve months there had been some major changes in Peter Brock’s life. He had moved out of his long term relationship and was starting anew. In an article in the Sun Herald Newspaper dated 8/10/2005 he described his new found love as fiery, referring to their astrological Sun signs.

He said, “She is a Scorpio and I am a Pisces. Anyone who puts value on those astrological signs know that it can be volcanic.” Sadly, “Brockey” as he was effectionaly known, is no more. We will miss his occasional racetrack cameo, his self-effacing television tyre ads and watching him signing autographs with his multitude of fans, like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

The volcanic fire has gone out and his light no longer shines. Peter Brock died as he lived, in the fast lane.

We read in the paper that he was not afraid of death so; as that wonderful philosopher Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Death is not extinguishing the light, it is just putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

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Peter Brock Horoscope

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