Prince George Natal Chart

Little Prince George entered the world just as Doris Greaves, highly respected astrologer and cosmobiologist was quoted as saying, “not a moment before his time.”

He was born at 4.24 pm British Summer Time, in London on the 22nd July, 2013, determined to bring in the hereditary factors of both his parents, Kate and William.

Astrologically it was going to be a very interesting day as the Sun was changing signs and the Moon, which was full, was also changing signs, both on a powerful royal degree.

So; as astrologers, not only were we guessing was it a boy or a girl, we were also guessing was the baby a Cancer/Capricorn or a Leo/Aquarius. There was a half-an-hour time frame, during the day when the little prince could even be a Leo/Capricorn.

When the baby entered the world and took his first breath the Sun was on 29 degrees of Cancer, (a half-an-hour from the sign of Leo) and the Moon, on 28 degrees of Capricorn making him a perfect fit for his hereditary factors.

Prince William has the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer and Kate is a Capricorn with the Moon in Cancer. Princess Diana had the Sun in the sign of Cancer and the Moon in the sign of Aquarius. However, there is no sign that Prince George will have a rebellious streak like Diana. His chart is extremely conservative so let us take a look at his personality profile.

The sign traditionally associated with home and family, is Cancer and Prince George certainly has a strong Cancerian signature.

  • Sun Cancer (personality)
  • Mercury Cancer (mind)
  • Mars Cancer (energy)
  • Jupiter Cancer (luck)
  • Vertex Cancer (associations)

He will be driven by the need to succeed in a powerful family and over time will grow into the role of the heir to the throne. Loyalty and the receptiveness to commit to a structured lifestyle will also show over time as he learns of his status in life. There is no doubt in my mind that the future of the royal family is assured, at least in Great Britain for many, many years to come.

The Moon in a horoscope which rules our emotions is in the conservative sign of Capricorn which has many great qualities. Some of these are tenacity, self disciple, strength of character and the ability to work hard. The strength of the Moon in Capricorn lies in the security of a loving family, which in this case is assured.

Jupiter, planet of luck and success is exalted in the sign of Cancer, which means it is at it’s strongest in this sign. Not only will he have a great influence over the public later in life but he will always be doted upon by an adoring family and an equally adoring public.

As well as the Sun and Moon in a natal chart, the other important point is the rising sign and when he was born Scorpio was on the horizon. This gives a strong magnetism and a keen sense of values. There will always be a certain dignity about this gentleman and he will be demonstrative and ardent to those that he cares about.

Kate and William are a thoroughly modern family and have opted to do some of the parenting on their own without a full time nanny. However, there will always be prying eyes as security for second and third in line of the British throne will be extra tight.

The whole philosophy of the Cancer/Capricorn threads that run through this family tree will assure that the powerful need for a safe and happy home life are fulfilled. This combination is extremely sensitive, extraordinarily intuitive and is steeped in patriotism and traditional attributes.

This has certainly been a big year for the royal family with Queen Elizabeth celebrating 60 years as the head of the monarchy and now the birth of a new heir to the British throne. No wonder the Queen is hanging on to her role forever, as it will be a long time before we see the succession of another Queen to the throne of England.

Prince George, who now becomes third in line for the throne behind his father, Prince William and grandfather, Prince Charles has the whole world at his feet. I hope you enjoyed reading this psychological insight that will help shape the destiny of our newest royal.

Prince George Natal Chart

Prince George Natal Chart